Red-Shouldered Hawk Nest ***UPDATE May 8, 2020***

May 09, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

When I visited the nest on May 8, the young hawks were napping and both parents were away. Even when a parent can't be seen at the nest, one is usually perched nearby keeping an eye on things. Within about 30 minutes of arriving, I heard the first call from one of the adults. This can mean that one of the parents (usually the male) has food, and is announcing he's got food to return to the nest with. The young hawks began stirring and moving when they heard the adult's call. The young hawks, within less than a week since my last visit, have started to grow flight feathers. When they stand in the nest they look considerably larger than just a few days ago - nearly double the size. I've included a comparison photo in this post that shows the largest baby on April 29 and on May 8. They're definitely growing fast, which is exactly as it should be since they could start to fledge in 3 weeks.


Sure enough, after a few more calls from one of the adults, one came flying into the nest with a small rodent, possibly a chipmunk. All the young sat right up and waited for feeding time!  Enjoy this video of the feeding. I hope to have another update in at least a week. 

Video 1


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