Red-Shouldered Hawk Nest ***UPDATE MAY 12, 2020***

May 12, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

They grow up fast!  In less than 2 weeks, the largest of the three young hawks, has nearly tripled in size and has grown a lot more flight feathers than just 4 days ago. There are still 3 young hawks in the nest. Mom is perched near the nest when not feeding or hunting (if she hunts). The nest is getting a little crowded, and the largest young hawk was doing a bit of flap-hopping and trying out the wings. The largest young hawk may be ready to fledge from the nest in a couple more weeks, which will create a little more room in what's becoming a crowded nest! Fledglings will typically perch in branches close to the nest and be fed by the parents until they’re capable of hunting on their own. These young hawks could be in the area for a good part of the summer. I know that many of us watching the nest were relieved that our hawk family made it through DC's most recent cold snap and rainy/windy weather.

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