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September 19, 2023  •  1 Comment

It's been a busy and productive summer of travel and big projects, and now we're in the thick of fall migration. One of my big projects this summer was publishing my book, "Outer Encounters."  You can easily purchase it here on my website, or at one of my shows this fall. It's a limited edition book that I expect will sell out before the holidays, so get your copy while you can.


I've certainly taken hundreds of photos over the last few months -- some I've been able to share on social media, while others won't be published and will only be limited collections for book and art buyers (p.s -- look for another book in 2024!).  However, I wanted to be sure to get some of the hundreds of photos I've shot recently in the blog for my website visitors to enjoy!


White-breasted NuthatchWhite-breasted Nuthatch


Bay Breasted WarblerBay Breasted Warbler


Monarchs MatingMonarchs Mating


Blue-gray GnatcatcherBlue-gray Gnatcatcher

Common Yellowthroat - femaleCommon Yellowthroat - female


Young Cape May WarblerYoung Cape May Warbler


Baltimore Oriole - MaleBaltimore Oriole - Male


Baltimore Oriole - FemaleBaltimore Oriole - Female


Bay-breasted WarblerBay-breasted Warbler


Red-eyed VireoRed-eyed Vireo


Young Lesser Black-backed GullYoung Lesser Black-backed Gull


Great White EgretGreat White Egret


American Kestrel - FemaleAmerican Kestrel - Female



These are so colorful & beautiful in every detail! I loved seeing the birds! Glad I took a look on your blog! So much beauty all around us everyday
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