Breaking Barriers - Virginia Wildlife

January 25, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

In just over three years, the Virginia Wildlife Facebook group amassed over 46,000 members, and it’s still growing.  What got my attention about this group is the help it provides in educating the public about wildlife, demystifying wildlife, and providing prompt reliable assistance with wildlife emergencies. Managed by volunteers with diverse skills in wildlife rehabilitation and science, the Virginia Wildlife Facebook group works to break barriers to humane and respectful coexistence with wildlife. With some exceptions, Virginia has many of the same wildlife you’ll find in other regions of the United States, and even other countries, so even if you’re outside Virginia, this group has something to offer anyone with a problem, or those interested and curious about wildlife. And they frequently feature outstanding wildlife photos! Virginia Wildlife has blazed a trail that others can follow. 


Listen now to my latest podcast episode with Kathryn Huntress, one of the admin/moderators for Virginia Wildlife.







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