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June 17, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

When I first started doing art shows and festivals, I remember being struck by the sense of community and friendship among the artists, entrepreneurs, crafters and creators at these shows. In the few free minutes before, during, or after shows I try to meet as many of my artist neighbors as possible. They’re painters, wood and metal artists, fiber artists and designers, ceramic and jewelry artists, photographers like me, and more. Every artist has a story. Some have been artists and creators their entire lives while others started as a second or third career, or just a hobby. Except for a 16-month pause due to pandemic closures, I’ve been doing art shows for almost 3 years now, and I always come away learning something new and feeling so compelled to share these intriguing and inspiring accounts of artist life that I see.  


At a recent art show –actually the first for me in the post-pandemic period – my art booth was next to entrepreneur clothing designer and manufacturer Heidi Hess (and her sweet pup Henri!). Among so many things I learned about Heidi is that although she now runs an independent fashion label, she was once an On Air Radio Personality in every major market, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami.  Heidi calls this her “Life 1”. I asked Heidi to join my podcast and share her story of how she got started with Life 1, Life 2, and if there might be a Life 3.  Blog readers -- head over to the podcast for more!


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