The Power to Make Humans Feel Human, In an Inhuman World

November 10, 2021  •  1 Comment

The power to make humans feel human, in an inhuman world.  This Veteran’s Day I’m thinking about war, what war does to people, and how animals of almost every kind, and particularly horses, have helped many veterans, first responders, and others, manage the trauma and blunt emotion that often follows war.


Feeling HumanFeeling HumanWild Colonial Spanish Mustang - Outer Banks, NC


Just last week in Washington DC, the funeral of General Colin Powell was held at the Washington National Cathedral. I watched the funeral on TV. Watching and listening to the funeral reminded me of so many things because Colin Powell was at the height of his military and government career when I was early in my federal government career here in Washington, DC.


In that career, I had a position in the government where I was part of a project that performed clear-eyed oversight of military programs and activities. One of those activities was Operation Desert Storm (aka the Gulf War), a military campaign in the early 1990’s to expel Iraqi military forces from Kuwait. At the time, Colin Powell was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  I learned a lot about the technical and strategic aspects of war during those years I worked on the Operation Desert Storm project. I also learned a lot about what war does to humans.  It’s an immeasurable gift that the quiet love and acceptance of animals can help heal very deep human wounds and trauma.


There are many terrific organizations that use horses to help heal and equip veterans for life after traumatic events and difficulties. I list a few below, along with other resources.


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NANCY BROOKS(non-registered)
Yes I agree with you Carolyn! Animals do help a lot of our veterans heal. A friend of mine was just diagnosed with PTSD the dog he has with him now has made his personality so calm. The dog is his world and I am grateful for the opportunity for him to have this animal be by his side always.

The show November 10th weekend was so incredible and I enjoyed your photos I purchased and am interested in more for the Christmas Season as gifts for some friends.

Thank you for your ability, patients and talent behind the camera!!

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