14 Days, Over 40 Species

March 21, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

14 days, over 40 species. After a recent trip to Florida I was struck by the number of remarkable wildlife I photographed in just a few days. Even more, in the days just before my trip, locally, I had photographed a lot of delightful and diverse wildlife. I wondered… “How many different species had I actually photographed?” I counted them up. I was stunned, startled, amazed -- you name it.


In the 14 (non-sequential) days, I’d been out with my camera between Feb 5 and March 12 I photographed over 40 species. All the images are at the end of the post in collage format. Not every photograph I took of every species made the cut, and this means I saw well over 40 species. The weather has been warmer and spring is definitely in the air (in most of the eastern US) which can make wildlife easier to spot. Knowledge of animal behavior and habitat are also critical in seeing diverse species. These are some of the best reminders that despite the constant change we’re experiencing there is beauty and life going on normally all around us. If you're feeling the strain of social distancing or working from home, step outside, if possible. When the weather is good, step out for a hike, run or cycle outdoors. Sit in the woods and listen to the birds; breathe in the woody smell. Head up a hill and take in views from the top. If spring has sprung where you are, start looking for early bees and butterflies in your nearest meadow.


Try your own 14-day nature challenge. Do it outdoors or just by looking out a window from an indoor space. Count how many species you can see or photograph in 14 days, in a row, or not in a row. Include whatever species are around you -- wildlife, plants, insects. The only rule is  – never harass, chase, or bait wildlife for photographs and never interfere or damage natural settings for the sake of a picture. Respect wildlife and nature and reap the rewards.




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