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I was delighted to be thinking about my career at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) during my latest podcast where I speak with Katie Butler. While I was there, Katie wore a number of hats at the EPA’s Office of Inspector General and was a skilled and effective leader. Post-EPA, Katie recently launched a new business -- The GeoLiteracy Project LLC. The GeoLiteracy Project’s mission is:


“We help environmental leaders optimize their programs and maximize their results. We advise on the best science, strategy, and management techniques to help you save the Earth faster." 


If you’re managing or leading any business or organization that’s expected, or required, to show environmental results, head on over to the podcast. Here’s what I asked Katie to share with us.


  1. What led you to The GeoLiteracy Project?
  2. How do you define “geo-literate”?
  3. What should we know about the GeoLiteracy Project?
  4. How did your EPA work influence the GeoLiteracy Project?
  5. I know you’re a supporter of drone technology and the benefits it can provide. Drones are fun – and to my surprise -- bounce-back well from crashes (😊). Importantly, drone mapping and monitoring can provide highly valuable data and information.  What are your thoughts?
  6. You just launched your company a few months ago.Can you share any perspective on what your clients are striving for?
  7. I worked with you (Katie) for years on highly challenging, complex and difficult issues, and I know first-hand how confident clients should be in working with you. Anything else we should know about The GeoLiteracy Project?


Visit geoliteracy.com to learn more, get free tools and resources, or schedule a free consultation with Katie.


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