About the Photographer - Carolyn Copper


Former United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official and now wildlife professional and photographer.


After completing her PhD in psychology in the early 1990s, Carolyn had a fantastic and rewarding 25-year career with the federal government, retiring as an Assistant Inspector General at the United States Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, DC. That experience brought her close to, and revealed, important and significant environmental challenges that rarely get on the radar of most people. Learning from the past, and now in her second career, Carolyn studied and earned certificates in Wildlife Rehabilitation and Photography.  She's now a photographer, blogger, pod-caster, and artist, sharing beautiful stories and images that showcase our natural, yet fragile world, and inspiring others to learn about, protect, and engage with the natural environment.


Carolyn travels all over to photograph wildlife, and natural and human-built environments that inspire, educate, and surprise. Her work is a labor of love and ethics matter. Carolyn advocates for, and practices ethical photography. Her nature and wildlife images are free from manipulation, harassment, or damage to natural settings or wildlife.


Carolyn proudly supports faith organizations, wildlife organizations, and conservation leaders.


Contact Carolyn to discuss speaking engagements, non-profit partnerships, sales and exhibitions of her work, and consulting. To see her full collection, click "VIEW GALLERY" at the home page or the bottom of this page.