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Pufferfish Encounter

May 17, 2018
I’ve been thinking a lot about a washed-up pufferfish I came across on the beach in Costa Rica. This was weeks ago, but you’ll understand when you see the photo I capture...
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Saving Others

May 09, 2018
There are many compelling and heartwarming stories about dogs nursing motherless tiger cubs, cats nursing motherless puppies, and other cross-species examples of surrogat...
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Great Places - Costa Rica

April 27, 2018
I just returned from a week in Costa Rica. First things first… one week is not enough. I’ll be making a return trip… or three! Many have visited this gem in Central Am...
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Underdogs and Faith

March 27, 2018
Every March we rally up for “March Madness”. The annual men’s college basketball tournament where 68 college teams who’ve earned the right to play in the tournament get a...
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Women Environmental Pioneers – Telling Truths No One Else Dared to Tell

March 03, 2018
In honor of women’s history month (http://www.nwhp.org/2018-theme-honorees/), I’m excited to write about two women pioneers who devoted themselves to environmental and wi...
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What We Rarely (ever??) Get to See in the Wild...

February 19, 2018
I just returned from a perfect-weather week in beautiful Southwest Florida. I’ve visited this area a few times. One of my favorite places for photography in Southwest Flo...
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Update on Bird Heroes!

February 08, 2018
In my January 30 post, I shared the photo and story about a banded Trumpeter Swan I encountered while out shooting (photos!) in Northern Ohio. I visited the North America...
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“Critter Cams” – Investing in Wildlife Protection and Conservation

February 04, 2018
“Critter Cams” – Investing in Wildlife Protection and Conservation One of my biggest “ah ha” moments came several years ago when I was on-line viewing the “critter cams”...
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Here's to Valentine’s Day – Sweet Swans Forever

January 30, 2018
As I was driving to the release location for the snowy owl (previous post!), I went past a large pond with dozens of waterfowl in it. The 10-acre pond is fed by artesian...
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Snowy Owl Release and a Week of Wildlife Rehabilitation

January 23, 2018
Last week I had an incredible experience at Back to the Wild (BTTW) in Castalia, Ohio (https://www.facebook.com/BacktothewildOhio /), where I completed a 40 hour field wo...
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